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From: Renee Rider
Date: 2001-04-09 11:42:00 UTC
Subject: gagging ferret - thanks

Hello. I want to thank everyone who has written about Koto,
my gagging ferret.

In just a few feedings, she is getting use to being hand fed.
I didn't have to force feed her last time, and she ate 12 ccs
of Duck Soup. I've found that if I let her eat 6 on her own,
the put her back in the cage, she will drink (and gag), then I
can take her back out, and she will eat more. We are on a
every 4 hour schedule until we see the doctor tomorrow.

I weighed her today. When I brought her home last week, she
was 26 oz. Today, 21 oz. I've given her some Ferretvite, to
give her a few more calories. The children's kaopectate also
helped her a lot. Her stools look much better now.