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Date: 2001-04-09 09:54:00 UTC
Subject: To: Dr. Bruce WIlliams, DVM

RE: Could this be neurological?
Zoey has been fine since that day a week and a half ago. We make sure she
has eaten or we feed her some Prescription Diet ID (which she gets every a.m.
anyway). Her appetite is low but her spirits are high. We have to put her
in her cage just to get her to slow down. I read the email from the person
who thinks it could be cancer. What do I do next? Should she have an MRI to
see or won't that show anything? I will get the blood workup from my vet in
the meantime. Is this the correct forum to respond to your message in?
Thank you for your help.
With kind regards,
Nanci Pelati