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From: tansy
Date: 2001-04-09 15:46:00 UTC
Subject: RE: [Ferret-Health-list] Devil's Claw

Friends of the Ferret,

Jackie DeCarlo wrote

"[Tansy] .just like
the Devil's club, I know several people who have used it
with great
success and there will be others that have not..........."

I am the one that Mike Janke spoke of, in the same thread.
My Chuki got one dose of devil's claw and I spent the rest
of the day watching him constantly, with the Karo syrup out
and ready. That's how badly it affected him. He was fine the
following day. Even the first dose was with some reluctance,
because it contains alcohol, known to lower the blood/sugar
level. Searching the internet turned up the following:

Devil's Claw produces a hypoglycemic effect in rats and

Devil's Claw is listed on herbal/diabetic sites as being
effective in lowering the B/S level.

But what of the "success" stories? I don't know. Well
documented instances of being able to eliminate, or even
reduce the need for pred, with established pred-dependent
insulinomic ferrets ( along with a record of routine B/S
tests), would be a start, and I' haven't seen one, so far.
[Tansy] Ok folks, here is one problem....Devil's Claw and
Devil's Club are NOT the same herb! You need to be very
careful with this kind of thing. I am one of the people who
has been able to take insulinomic ferrets off prednisone by
using Devils CLUB. ANd I mix it with a little meat and warm
water to remove the alcohol. I do not have records of actual
changes in blood sugar levels since I don't have a
gulcometer, but Diane at Last Chance Ferret Rescue may. But,
the important thing with herbs as well as prescription
medicines you need to make sure you are using the RIGHT