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From: Diane
Date: 2001-04-09 16:58:00 UTC
Subject: Urinary Tract Stones

The month of April has so far turned out to be a nightmare for me in
regards to my ferrets. The 5th of this month I had one of my ferrets put
to sleep because he was just too far gone with something the vet could not
figure out. I had an autopsy done on him and am awaiting the results
because I want to know just what he had. Now, today the 9th, I had another
one of my babies put down. His X-rays showed stones in his urinary tract
and he was so dehydrated and bad off the vet felt he would not make it
through the stress of a surgery. What I want to know is what causes these
stones? My fiance said something about the food they are on being the
culprit and now I am very worried that my other ones may end up like
this. I feed them a good diet of premium ferret food and have for about 5
months total when I changed over from Iams. I feel so bad because if I had
kept a better eye on him maybe surgery would have been an option but with
me working a steady job over the last few months I have not been able to
keep that close an eye on the little fur balls so I am really feeling
guilty over this. If anyone can tell me more about stones that develop in
the system I would be really thankful. I need to learn about more then
insulinoma and adrenal and Lymphosarcoma because these are the things I
have heard the most about and now here something else comes up and rears
its nasty head and one of my ferrets is gone. I looked in Ferret Central
and didn't find anything on this malady unless I just didn't look well
enough. The best to all of you out there who own ferrets. This is my
first and second loss with a ferret, one right after another and it has
really hurt to see this happen.

Thanks So Much,