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Date: 2001-04-09 19:24:00 UTC
Subject: Rough C update

After spending the weekends at the vets he is back home with us
today. The bisopy results are not back yet so we are still not sure
if we are dealing with cancer or not. The tumor has gotten smaller
with regular draining, flushing sith saline solution, then covering
with betadine. He is on Baytril 1/2 pill once a day. The smell he is
giving off is terrible just like pseudomonis for those of you are
familar, for those of you who are not is is like meat that has turned
green and is getting slimy. I put vicks under my nose so I can keep
from loosing my stomach contents when getting him out. He has a good
healthy appetite and is drinking very well. The only real proble he
has getting around is the cow udder he is carring around between his
back legs. He has such a sweet disposition and does not complain at
all when we have to drain and treat the infection site twice a day. I
am certainly hoping for the best possible outcome for this little guy
and if it is not cancer then surgry can be performed removing the
tumor and turning him into a her but at least he will have a life
left. One in which he will get to know love and joy in which he can
act play and live as a ferret is supposed to. Keep your fingers
crossed and we will keep you updated on the outcome. JD and the
Ferret Patrol/Widget's Halfway House