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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-02-26 04:19:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Ruptured Anus.

The Kind Dr Williams Wrote:
>I am hopeful if the tissues have not yet been sent off, that
you would consider allowing me to do the analysis at no
charge. This type of case, especially with the gross photos
which you have, would
be of great academic interest, as it is very unique.<

Publicaly I just have to say this about your request..... Like
I am going to turn down THAT offer? Yeah RIGHT! *LOL*

I have answered you privately and I certianly appreciate your
offer. I hope that it can be of some use medically... Baron
was a very sweet littl boy who had a miserable life and an
undignified end. It would be nice if he could leave a legacy
of providing knowledge for future ferrets.

In Appreciation