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From: Karen Purcell, DVM
Date: 2001-04-10 05:54:00 UTC
Subject: Re: mast cell tumors

> > I don't think I've seen a ferret with more than four, and I often
> > find that they regress spontaneously without any doing on my part.
> > This may be a watch and wait, as long as he doesn't claw them open.
> >
> > -Dr. Karen
> Is this in ferrets only or all animals. I have had cats and dogs that got
> them, and seemed to always end up with surgical removal. Just trying to
> figure out if this is species specific or individual specific.
Mast cell tumors in ferrets are generally benign, but they are an
exception to the rule. These are really nasty in cats and dogs, and
should be removed ASAP, and the animal checked for systemic
involvement. We've lost 2 dogs at the hospital in the last 2 months
to this, despite excellent care by the owners, extensive surgery and

-Dr. Karen
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