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From: Alicia
Date: 2001-04-10 07:59:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Undiagnosed Hind leg weakness

So sorry to hear of this unfortunate circumstance for this kit. I may not
be able to add anything positive -- but I can give you a few pointers. If
you understood kit shipping from the mills to pet store-- it is possible
that the kit sustained a spinal injury-- an x-ray may be helpful in this
case. Also it is possible that a reaction to a distemper vaccine may have
left the kit in a compromised condition. have heard of other ferrets (
older age of course) who have had reactions to modified live canine
distemper vaccine and have been left impaired- in their case it was more a
neurological effect. In this kits case you need to understand it is in a
pet store at 6 weeks old age-- already vaccinated against canine
distemper. THE ONLY company that manufactures an approved distemper
vaccine for ferrets recommends vaccination at 8 weeks of age-- NOT 6 so I
suppose there is a reason for this.
It would be good to hear from the vaccine manufacturers and raters on this

In the end IF the ferret is a Marshall Farms ferret-- I understand from
company representatives that if a shelter will assume the ferret-- they
will replace it with another-- of course they will let you exchange it with
the pet store as well-- but the end result to the status of the ferrets
outcome is somewhat dismal in most cases.

Best wishes in trying to do all you could for this young ferret--
unfortunately-- if the pet store does not make good on this-- they have the
"caveat emptor " (buyer beware) in their favor as you were aware of a
potential problem and bought the ferret anyway..

At 01:58 PM 4/10/01 +0000, you wrote:
> I bought a kit from a large pet store. It seemed very sweet but
>it looked kind of small, the employee could not give me an exact age.
>When I took the ferret home I noted hind leg weakness. It would
>attempt to walk but fall to one side and wobbled. Thru research of
>its teeth size I found out the ferret was aprox, 5-6 weeks old. I
>notified the pet store of its weakness and age of ferret and let them
>know of my concern. I was advised to feed the ferret a formula of
>high protein and made a "super mush" in efforts that if it had a
>weakness caused by not being appropriately weaned and or
>malnourishment it would improve its overall health. I bought the
>ferret wed. by fri, I had him in a vets office. He was not able to
>give a exact cause for the weakness but said the the high protein
>mush surely could not hurt and to wait 2 weeks, to see if it
>improved. He also said otherwise he seemed totally healthy. Its now 2
>weeks and he has doubled in size but the leg weakness persists.
>Anatomically he looks sound, he does attempt to walk on both hind
>legs but he ends up dragging himself, especially if he wants to run.
>Doc suggests sedation and x-rays. But I'm not sure if I should do
>this, the vet doesn't know if he will find the answer. Help! Has
>anyone else experienced this kind of weakness. He does have sensation
>in both hind limbs and his pelvis seems intact, hips equal in size
>and has good ROM. Vets last words to me "you just may not have the
>fastest ferret on the block." Any help will truley be appreciated. THX
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