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From: Robmary June
Date: 2001-04-10 08:59:00 UTC
Subject: Orange chest


I know I've seen postings about this before, but I
can't remember the general response. We have a little
deaf silver male (fixed descented w/ tattoos) we've
had for a month. He was a rescue with no background
info except that he's from florida (He's tested
negative for ADV). We brought in a male we thought
might be good company for him. They did not get along.
Stressed him out massively as a matter of fact so
they are not at all together anymore.
He came to us with that sort of pumpkin color to his
coat - not all over - primarily on his chest. A week
after the introduction he's lost weight and fur and
his chest is *orange*. I assume it's all from stress.
We can get him ferretvite in him for the weight, and
he does have an appointment with the vet, but what
causes the orange? He's calmed down a lot. He's
eating, drinking, and pooping normally. I don't
figure the orange also may be from a change in food as
he came to us with it.
And while I'm here - you probably tell people all the
time and I just haven't been paying enough attention -
but how do I access the archives and pictures


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