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Date: 2001-04-10 06:51:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Undiagnosed Hind leg weakness


I may be of some assistance in this area. I do work in a petstore. Usually,
sometimes a kit may come in very small in size. Sometimes they may wobble or
be off balance. Usually, after a couple weeks of a good protein diet and
calories they seem to grow and become stronger. They may even sleep a little
more. I got one of these guys but, he also had a bad respiratory problem
that was obvious from the start. I really just wanted him to be with me,
someone who could take care of him and nourish him to good health. He also
walked like a turtle with hair. In a race a turtle would be the winner.
Now, he is 5 months 3 lbs. I have 4 fuzzies. He's the slowest out of the
lot. Very laid back kind of guy. But, healthy. I have one little girl
that was given to me. If I shake the treat box. She is there in less than 2
seconds. If the vet has seen the kit and says he okay. He may be a little
slower in developing. I am not an expert, I can only give information on
my observations.

The soft food and a little time can make a difference. Conferring with your
vet on any changes can lead you in a good direction of care. Have you talked
with the store you got the kit? Have you got any information where the kit
came from? If so, contact the breeder. I don't hesitate to contact the
breeder when there is a concern. I contacted the breeder on care of a kit
that had a problem dx from the vet. They gave me some additional
information. Call the store. They have the paperwork on the birthweek of
the kit. They have records. Make them get the information that you want.

Hopefully, Everything will be okay..
Booker and the Gang