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Date: 2001-04-10 11:07:00 UTC
Subject: Ferret with Asthma


I have a ferret that suffers from asthma and was wondering what was
recommended for treatment. I know some say ferrets don't suffer from
asthma, but we have ruled out everything else. He had x-rays,
ultrasounds, biopsy's and blood tests. No cardio or lymphoma
problems. His wheezing is definitely seasonal. Last summer we had
many fires and duststorms and he was absolutely miserable! I have an
airfilter in his room, on his worst days he gets 2.5mg pred twice a
day, theophylline and when his nose is stuffy I give him children's
benadryl. Spring has barely begun and he is once again miserable. Are
there any better drugs to relive his suffering? Should he have oxygen
treatments when he gets really bad? Are inhalers ever used with
animals? I'm hoping to make this summer a little easier on him.
Thanks for any help or suggestions.

To Dr. Williams, sorry to hear your dog is so sick. My greyhound has
osteosarcoma, it is so hard to see them suffer!