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From: Sidsel L. Espersen
Date: 2001-04-10 12:32:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Garlic & Other Goodies.)

First please...I am a miss Sidsel, I know it's hard for you
to figure out since it's a foreign name, but it is a common
name in Scandiavia! :)

As for the garlic...I'm still trying to figure out whether to
use it or not, I now onions is a big no-no in most animals,
but garlic is supposed to be beneficial in animals...

I wanted to add garlic to my chicken gravy, and I know one of
my ferrets like it, he once got a hold of a knife with garlic
butter and he smelled like a turkish resturant for a week!

Well, for now I won't be adding any garlic...but thanx for the
advice anyway! :)

- Sidsel - a she!

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From: Karen Purcell, DVM []
Sent: 10. april 2001 15:07

Ed and Mr. Sidsel,

> > Is garlic bad for ferrets, or would they benefit from it
the same
> > way horses and dogs do?

FYI, garlic can lead to damage to the intestinal tract if
given in
large amounts. Unfortunately, I have not seen any studies
safe amounts. Yes, my dogs get garlic tablets daily, but my
don't. Ferrets have a much shorter digestive tract, and
more chance
for an adverse reaction, in my opinion.
Just my $0.02,

-Dr. Karen
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