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From: Lisa Sanchez
Date: 2001-04-10 16:40:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Callie update & ???s on lympho
treatment and itchiness

Thanks for the advice. Callie is slowly getting
better with her walking. We are going to the vet
Thursday evening to discuss treatment for her. As you
suggested, we are going to speak to him about
increasing the pred dosage. Additionally, we ordered
Essiac and should have that by Thursday. We will try
anything to help her.

Thanks, again!

--- ChaoticFer8s@a... wrote:
> Hi Lisa - You might want to talk to your vet about
> increasing the prednisone
> a bit to see if this will help her hind quarter
> weakness. The increase in
> pred might help with the itchy skin as well. If she
> has any spots that are
> particularly itchy for her, might try a little bit
> of cortisone cream. Also,
> hindquarter weakness can be related to hypoglycemia
> (pred will help this
> too), am wondering if she is getting enough fluid.
> If she is still not
> eating on her own, please feed her every 2-3 hours
> and every 3-4 hours during
> the night. This round the clock regimen often helps
> a lot - no matter what
> the illness. Also, were her pancreas alright when
> she underwent surgery?
> Keep us posted. Best regards, Meg
> In a message dated 4/8/01 12:53:00 AM Eastern
> Daylight Time,
> lchez1965@y... writes:
> << Hi All ~
> This is a follow-up to postings I wrote on 4/4 and
> 4/5. Just wanted
> to update everyone on Callie, our 5 year old who
> just had her spleen
> removed last Monday. The biopsy results came back
> that it is, as
> suspected, lymphosarcoma. She has it in her nodes
> also
> unfortunately. Since Callie only weighs about one
> pound now, we are
> trying to fatten her up. If we can get some weight
> on her, we are
> going to try a chemo protocol. We've been giving
> her gruel (duck
> soup) and Gerber Chicken baby food. Can anyone
> suggest a good
> treatment protocol for Callie? What is Essiac and
> where can I get
> it? I heard it is helpful with lympho treatment.
> A few more questions, please ...
> Monday night after the operation, Callie was able
> to walk initially,
> but within a few hours she progressively got worse
> and, by Tuesday
> morning, she could only drag her back end (though
> her back legs do
> move ~ it is as if she doesn't have the ability to
> lift her rear
> area). She has been on 1/4 of a 5mg tablet of pred
> twice a day since
> Tuesday. We have noticed some inprovement in her
> walking, but she
> still has much trouble with lifting her rear. How
> long does the pred
> take to work on helping her fully recover with
> this? Should she be
> taking a higher dosage? Anything else help?
> Also, the poor baby is so itchy ... she is
> constantly scratching when
> she is awake. Any ideas as to why? Shouldn't the
> pred help this?
> Can we give her benadryl?
> Please, any info would be soooo appreciated. I
> also want to thank
> Bruce Williams, Jerry Murray, Erin, Meg, Gary and
> Sukie for
> responding to my earlier postings. It means a lot.
> Thanks ~
> Lisa
> >>

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