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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-04-10 21:04:00 UTC
Subject: Re: gagging ferret, more info

>ECE is definitely highly contagious. A ferret that comes in contact
>with another ferret that is an active carrier will come down with ECE
>within 48-72 hours of that contact.
>I guess the next question is... are you sure the others haven't
>already had ECE and that's why they have not presented with symptoms?
>--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Renee Rider" <riderr@m...> wrote:
>> ECE was suggested. Everything I read indicats that it is highly
>> and often by the old or sick. My 7 year old foster and the male on
>> are fine. The foster that came with her is okay too. If it is ECE
>> shouldn't they have gotten it? Their cages are right next to each
>> And, before the diahrrea started, they sniffed poop and male did
>the urine
>> tasting.

Perhaps because we deal with Warp having an unusual GI problem with
her friable small intestine (which is kicking up again so we are
worried again), I am especially glad that you are getting to the vet.
As Bruce Williams so often points out, "When you hear hoof beats
don't think 'Zebras' first.", but when nothing fits it is especially
good to have a knowledgeable vet handy to gave hands on care just in
case "zebras" is the right answer.

Have you tried holding her vertically when the gagging occurs to see
if it lessens then? If so, as part of what you do, try moving the
water bottle up so that she holds her head in a more upright position
during drinking.

I am glad to hear that it doesn't happen with food.

Getting a hands-on expert opinion is certainly your best bet.