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From: Sidsel L. Espersen
Date: 2001-04-10 23:33:00 UTC
Subject: RE: [Ferret-Health-list] Garlic in Denmark

Hi Jerry!

The normal practise is to buy unfixed ferrets, the normal age
to spay or neuter is around the time they enter their first
rut, some are even brave and let them outlast the rut to get
them as mature as possible.

Most of use keep them indoor, since almost everyone here is
living in larger cities and has no gardens. I know of only 2
people who keeps them outdoor. Mine are feed a dry kibble
diet, at the moment it's a kitten diet, since it's better than
most of the ferret food you can buy here. Most people do feed
a dry diet, but I think that might change when we (a new
ferret association) starts talking about a more natural diet
with a great vet to back us up. I'm familiar with one person
feeding mostly BARF, and her ferrets are doing great, and I'll
start my soon to come kit on a BARF-like diet with kibble as

I think we keep them pretty much like you americans, we enjoy
taking them for walks, talking to others who are owned by

As for adrenal and insulinoma, I have yet to hear of a ferret
with any of these diseases - but, we don't have that many
ferret knowlegdable (sp?) vets. We are really lucky to have
found ours since she's originally from England, so she has no
problems ready all the fancy ferret vet books. I think I saw a
classical case of adrenal disease some time ago, had absolutly
no hair on the lower part of the body, and I asked the owner
if it could have anything to do with the adrenal glands, they
replied that their vet had done a scan, and had found nothing
wrong with the ferret. (I'm still pretty sure it was the
adrenal glands...)
I'm gonna have my own ferrets tested for insulinoma, starting
next year when they turn 4.

ECE and ADV is still not in Denmark as far as anyone knows,
but there is a lot of import going on, so who knows how long
it'll last.

As for why I want to add far as I know, and after
talking to my barf-friend, garlic is beneficial, and she
always adds a bit to her chicken gravy, maybe 3-4 cloves to a
whole batch.

- Hope this answers your questions, if not, please write
again, and I'll try to answer the best way I can! :)

- Sidsel