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From: Pat Andrews
Date: 2001-04-11 03:25:00 UTC
Subject: keeping ferrets in the dark

Hi everyone,

Thanks Ed and Meg for the comments. I, too, have assorted
sleep sacks and furniture for the guys to hide in and under.
Their favorites are under the dresser, in the dresser and desk
drawers, closets, and (until I got a new bed) in the box
springs (sigh). One thing I "made" that the ferrets frequently
use is a piece of leftover carpeting that I've rolled loosely
and propped up in a corner of the ferret room. They enter by
following the circle of the roll and use the center as their
"nest". The piece of carpeting is roughly triangularly shaped,
and the point at the tip folds over to cut out most (if not
all of the light). They sometimes exit the way they went in,
but sometimes they climb right up the "tunnel".

In their cages I keep assorted soft bedding for them to burrow
in and keep hanging nest boxes (which I make) and the types of
hammocks that they can climb in between layers.

For what it's worth....

Pat and the Furry Inspirations, missing Sonny & worrying about

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