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From: Renee Rider
Date: 2001-04-11 09:33:00 UTC
Subject: Koto (the amazing gagging ferret) update

Hello! Again, thank you all for writing. By the time we saw
the vet yesterday, she was already doing better. She had
gained a little weight, but was still thin. She was very
alert. Her stools weren't noticably green.

He said it could be stress, and she just got it pretty bad.
Or, it could be ECE. We'll wait and see how she does.

He gave her amoxicillin and SQ fluids.

Today, you wouldn't know that there was anything wrong with
her. Her poop looks perfectly normal. She ate over an ounce
of dry totally ferret last night, and still pigged out on her
duck soup this morning. When I came to give her her afternoon
duck soup, she was eating more kibble. I hadn't seen her
drink, so I gave her some water out of a syringe. No gagging!

So, we think that it was stress, and that she was getting over
it by the time the vet could see her, and she is just getting
better and better. However, we are still keeping her seperate
for one week to make sure that she continues. If she doesn't
regress at all, we are definately calling it a bad case of
shelter shock, and ruling out ECE. Thank goodness.