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From: Regina J. Hart
Date: 2001-04-11 10:02:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Vaccine Reaction- Long Term Effects?


>My question/concern is whether these types of severe reactions can
>cause damage to a ferret's systems (respiratory? cardiac?) and
>whether there have been any reports of (or experience with)
>difficulties arising later in life from this damage?

While my experience is only anecdotal, I can confirm that my Spikey had a
severe, life-threatening reaction to Fervac-D last August (8/2000); he was 4.5
years old at the time. Following his reaction, he lost a significant amount of
weight and was generally not thriving despite efforts on my part to fatten him
up and keep him healthy. In March, Spikey was diagnosed with insulinoma and
underwent surgery for the same. While the surgery went well, he is still on
Pred to maintain his glucose (w/o the Pred his glucose levels were around 57).
He is still not up to his 'fighting weight' and doesn't seem the picture of
health that I'd like him to be. In sum, I certainly can't say that the
insulinoma was a result of the vaccine reaction; most likely it was not. On the
other hand, I can say that Spike's health did decline for an extended period of
time after his reaction.

Best wishes and happy ferreting!
Gina Hart/Sage Ferrets