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Date: 2001-04-11 18:57:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Pogey's histo -- unusual tumors

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> >
> > Diagnosis
> >
> > Metastatic poorly differentiated tubular adenosarcoma.
> >
> > Comment
> >
> > We were unable to determine the exact origin of the tumors within
> the
> > liver and pancreas. This tumor could have originated from the
> adrenal
> > tumor or be a variation of the insulinoma. The tumor was
> in
> > appearance but very unusual. Thank you for submitting this
> interesting
> > case to us.
> Brett:
> I would be intrested in looking atthis case, and if possible,
> our immunostains on it. The description sounds most like an
> neoplasm, but I can't be absolutely sure. These tumors are
> cytokeratin negative but (unreadable) positivity is difficult to
> in this context.
> I would be happy to take a look at this case.
> With kindest regards,
> Bruce Williams, DVM

dr. williams, i lost one of my critters the other night. my vet did
a cursory autopsy and reported what he found. here's an incredibly
oversimplified, non-technical, regurgitated version: lots of icky
tumors? or cancerous tissue wrapped up or invading the omentum
(sp?) distinct tumor end or beginning...lots of dark ick and
necrosis, tumor doing something to the intestine - doc speculated
this might have caused a gas buildup (clyde's belly was incredibly
swolen in the wee hours before his death)...etc. etc. kidneys,
spleen, adrenals, etc. etc. were all fine (i forget the condition of
the pancreas). my vet has never seen anything quite like this.
frankly doctor, this was enough information for me: there would have
been no treatment, cancer was all over, etc. but since i began
reading this list i've seen that you're interested in the less common
disease presentations...does it sound like photos would be valuable
to you in this case? if so i'll request doc take some. background:
one month ago my shelter was hit with a rampant flu - everyone ended
up sick and feeling miserable. the flu ended about 2 weeks ago;
clyde has been a bit slow and just over the weekend i was puzzling
out what might be troubling him (was i imagining things or was he
really not feeling well - he was a very moody critter). his only day
of "illness" was monday...he was fine but sleepy in the morning, then
i found him in a stupor about 8:00 pm. couple of hours later his
belly was incredibly large, he could hardly walk and was obviously in
pain. we tried to hold on until 8:00 am to see the vet...he seemed
to become unresponsive about 4:00 am and died shortly thereafter.