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From: Regina Harrison
Date: 2001-04-10 07:08:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Darkness

From: Sukie Crandall <sukiecrandall@t...>

>Well, if the animal's ancestor is likely to sleep in a burrow setting
>or other well protected setting then light exclusion is to be
>expected as natural, as opposed to for critters like tree-resting

A few people wrote something similar in response to my question-- it makes
some sense, but a ferret/polecat doesn't sleep through all the night hours,
does it? If only because of that short digestion cycle. I know my free
range ferrets have always been pretty active at dusk and dawn, as well as
conducting occasional nighttime forays into things that would get them into
trouble if I were awake ;) Maybe I'm being too nitpicky-- I just always look
for the shades of grey when I see black and white, I guess.


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