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From: Bruce Williams, DVM
Date: 2001-04-11 19:42:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Pogey's histo -- unusual tumors

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> dr. williams, i lost one of my critters the other night. my vet
> a cursory autopsy and reported what he found. here's an incredibly
> oversimplified, non-technical, regurgitated version: lots of icky
> tumors? or cancerous tissue wrapped up or invading the omentum
> (sp?) distinct tumor end or beginning...lots of dark ick and
> necrosis, tumor doing something to the intestine - doc speculated
> this might have caused a gas buildup (clyde's belly was incredibly
> swolen in the wee hours before his death)...etc. etc. kidneys,
> spleen, adrenals, etc. etc. were all fine (i forget the condition
> the pancreas). my vet has never seen anything quite like this.
> frankly doctor, this was enough information for me: there would
> been no treatment, cancer was all over, etc. but since i began
> reading this list i've seen that you're interested in the less
> disease presentations...does it sound like photos would be valuable
> to you in this case? if so i'll request doc take some.

whjile photos are valuable, their value is greatly enhanced by the
ability to make a definitive diagnosis,and in this case, that
requires samples of the tumors submitted in formaldehyde. If this
death occured the other night, and samples were not taken for
analysis, is it unlikely at this time that theya re in any fit shape
to be examined under the scope in order to reach a definitive

The description sounds like either a lymphoma or perhaps a
hemangiosarcoma, but as you say, ICK is not a very descriptive term
when you want to come to a definitive diagnosis. Photos though would
be good, tissue would be great, and a combination of both would be

With kindest regards,

Bruce Williams, dVM