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Date: 2001-04-11 21:01:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Pogey's histo -- unusual tumors

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Bruce Williams, DVM" <williams@e...>
> --- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., moreferrets@h... wrote:
> > dr. williams, i lost one of my critters the other night. my vet
> did
> > a cursory autopsy and reported what he found. here's an
> > oversimplified, non-technical, regurgitated version: lots of
> > tumors? or cancerous tissue wrapped up or invading the omentum
> > (sp?) distinct tumor end or beginning...lots of dark ick and
> > necrosis, tumor doing something to the intestine - doc speculated
> > this might have caused a gas buildup (clyde's belly was
> > swolen in the wee hours before his death)...etc. etc. kidneys,
> > spleen, adrenals, etc. etc. were all fine (i forget the condition
> of
> > the pancreas). my vet has never seen anything quite like this.
> > frankly doctor, this was enough information for me: there would
> have
> > been no treatment, cancer was all over, etc. but since i began
> > reading this list i've seen that you're interested in the less
> common
> > disease presentations...does it sound like photos would be
> > to you in this case? if so i'll request doc take some.
> whjile photos are valuable, their value is greatly enhanced by the
> ability to make a definitive diagnosis,and in this case, that
> requires samples of the tumors submitted in formaldehyde. If this
> death occured the other night, and samples were not taken for
> analysis, is it unlikely at this time that theya re in any fit
> to be examined under the scope in order to reach a definitive
> diagnosis.
> The description sounds like either a lymphoma or perhaps a
> hemangiosarcoma,

ah yes...doc did mention he thought lymphoma might be the underlying
cause...i'm not familiar with the latter malady?

but as you say, ICK is not a very descriptive term
> when you want to come to a definitive diagnosis.

don't make fun, now...i was too upset all over again to have
requested excruciating detail :)

Photos though would
> be good, tissue would be great, and a combination of both would be
> superb!
frankly i didn't even think of such until this evening when i sat
down to read through some messages on the forum. DUH for me. clyde
passed at 5:00 am tuesday. he's been refridgerated since. i'm sure
doc could take both photos and samples if you think they would still
be of value?? i must admit that i'm hesitant to have such done
automatically due to what it does to my emotional state...but i know
i need to get over it in situations where learning might take place.

thx for the advice. i'm afraid i was pretty devastated by clyde's
unexpected passing and didn't pay careful enough attention to the
information - nor did i (obviously) have the foresight to request
photos or samples upon discovery of the strange malady. i hope that
clyde's tissues would still be viable. if not, then i'll prepare
myself for the next strange malady that takes a critter. i sure
would feel better at least gaining some information from these
untimely deaths.

> With kindest regards,
> Bruce Williams, dVM