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From: Micaela
Date: 2001-04-11 21:32:00 UTC
Subject: Aphrodite

I lost a ferret today.
A few weeks ago the humane society called then a woman
brought me a ferret found stray in her yard.
I put an ad in the local paper, & put her in my bedroom to
stay away from my own ferrets, as mine got ECE in 1999.
No one ever called about her. I resolved that I would keep
Her teeth looked like she was around 5 or 6 MAYBE- they were
not in very good shape.
She was so KISSY! She would almost lick your whole face if
you let her!
I named her Aphrodite since she was so kissy & lovable.
She did well the first few weeks here, didn't mind the
food, wasn't picky, didn't start losing weight, I thought she
would be fine.
She Ate great up until a few days ago, & she stopped eating.
So I went to the store immediately & bought her some Gerber
chicken & unflavored pedialyte mixed with Nutrical &
She had lost weight quickly, but would eat when I fed her
every 3 to 4 hours.
Yesterday she seemed to not want it as much, but I still got
it in her, & her hind legs weren't working for her.
Today she REFUSED Food, & her breathing became labored.
I took her to the vet, she passed away on the way or in the
waiting room.

When I had Zeus & Samantha last year, Samantha was 4 yrs
old, she showed hardly any signs except runny poops.
I fed her Gerber "just in case" & because I was feeding Zeus
at the time. Zeus (around 3) had lost a lot of weight,
but ate the Gerber then began about a week later on his kibble
again, (I still fed him Gerber for another couple weeks just
in case)
He came out of it fine, & I had been really worried about him
because he had lost so much weight.

I feel guilty about her dying. I should have known better
than to bring her into the house when mine had had ECE.
I was so wrong to assume she would be okay if I just fed her &
watched her weight.
I had not posted about her because I have been busy the first
couple weeks she was here, then recently, between feeding her,
& my schedule, but I always fed her on her schedule I made. I
thought she would be okay, I thought I would post about my new
little kissy Aphrodite after I knew no one was calling to take
her home. I had started the post several days ago but was
interrupted so I never completed & posted it.

Sorry this is so long, I just have to post this.
I want to put a memorial page on my site for her.
I wish I would have taken pictures, she was so pretty.
And so sweet.