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From: Kim
Date: 2001-04-11 22:49:00 UTC
Subject: Diazoxide and Mineral oil questions

I posted earlier about using mineral oil for partial obstructions. I
am curious if this is ok to use. We use it in horses and it works
great. (obviously if nothing happens within 24 hours, a trip to the
vet is in order) however, if my ferret ate something (a food) and it's
stuck a bit, won't mineral oil help as well as laxatone? (this is for
future use, my ferrets are fine. I am just trying to be prepared for
the worst)

I am wondering about this whole Diazoxide issue. I have an
insulionmic ferret. She was on Pred and it helped alittle, but I had
to constantly feed her every time I gave her that med and her glucose
could only get to 65. I changed to Diazoxide and not only did she
improve, it is cheaper than Pred. YES, that's right, cheaper. I have
a great pharmacist. She is on 2.27 mg BID (twice daily) and he gives
me a 2 month supply for $51.00. He knows she will be on this for a
long time. I guess I am wondering why i keep hearing how expensive
this medication is. To me, $25 a month isn't bad at all!! Now, I live
in Olympia WA (outside Seattle) and I just wanted to let people know I
am paying that much for it and maybe people can ask their pharmacist's
why it's so expensive for them, when I can get it for cheap (cheaper
than Pred at that!) Mostly I just want people to be able to have this
information. I hope someone finds it helpful.

Kim and her furry band of 9