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From: Mike Janke
Date: 2001-04-12 07:08:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Diazoxide and Mineral oil questions

Mineral oil is basically worthless when it comes to helping to move
an obstruction along. It's absorbed and does not coat the object
like Laxatone or Vaseline. I don't know anything about horses or the
purpose of mineral oil use in them.

As for the Diazoxide... I won't bore you with the mathematics, unless
you really want to see how I arrived at this, but if you're actually
giving 2.27mg BID (which seems unusual as that is a very tiny (and
odd) amount) and assuming you're using standard Proglycem at 50mg/ml
and at $25 per month, you're paying $8.33 per ml. The rest of us,
even with an average of $120 per 30ml bottle of Proglycem, pay $4.00
per ml! Most give a lot more than 2.27mg (5-10 times more), hence
the large monthly cost.

I hope you misplaced a decimal point in your post and you're not
really paying $8.33 per ml for Diazoxide. Pred, by the way, costs me
about 35 cents per ml.


--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Kim" <dagger4u@h...> wrote:
> I posted earlier about using mineral oil for partial obstructions.
> am curious if this is ok to use. We use it in horses and it works
> great. (obviously if nothing happens within 24 hours, a trip to
> vet is in order) however, if my ferret ate something (a food) and
> stuck a bit, won't mineral oil help as well as laxatone? (this is
> future use, my ferrets are fine. I am just trying to be prepared
> the worst)
> I am wondering about this whole Diazoxide issue. I have an
> insulionmic ferret. She was on Pred and it helped alittle, but I
> to constantly feed her every time I gave her that med and her
> could only get to 65. I changed to Diazoxide and not only did she
> improve, it is cheaper than Pred. YES, that's right, cheaper. I
> a great pharmacist. She is on 2.27 mg BID (twice daily) and he
> me a 2 month supply for $51.00. He knows she will be on this for a
> long time. I guess I am wondering why i keep hearing how expensive
> this medication is. To me, $25 a month isn't bad at all!! Now, I
> in Olympia WA (outside Seattle) and I just wanted to let people
know I
> am paying that much for it and maybe people can ask their
> why it's so expensive for them, when I can get it for cheap
> than Pred at that!) Mostly I just want people to be able to have
> information. I hope someone finds it helpful.
> Kim and her furry band of 9