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From: Alicia
Date: 2001-04-12 11:42:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Diazoxide and Mineral oil

The information i get on mineral oil is differing than Mikes'

We were given a CAUTION on mineral oil-- what happens is mineral oil when
administered liberally will block the pores I believe in the gut--
therefore making any absorbption of nutrients nearly impossible or very

We have been rehabbing a ferret who had a bacterial infection of the gut
but due to decreased stool size was thought to have an obstruction. ( no
fecal was run) . The NJ vet recommended mineral oils several times a
day. The ferret was administered this for a week and turned into a bag of
bones. A second vert did emergency surgery for obstruction w/o x-rays due
to diminished health - there was none-- what once was a 4 lb late alter
ferret turned into a 14 oz. bag of bones... thanks to mineral oil.

This ferret took over 2 years to be able to absorb food & nutrients with
the help of a LOT of homeopathic remedies to help increase absorption etc.
He is up to 2 3/4 lbs now and a permanent hospice resident, receiving
nutritional supplements daily-- once again playing & acting like a
ferret.. He is not great, lacks hair on his tail still but is much better.

n the meantime 3 vets wrote him off as a dead case -- we perceive
that mineral oil cannot be used effectively for blockages or at least over
a length of time due to the way it closes the pores/ capilaries which help
the body to absorb nutrients.

Dr Willard - care to comment?

Alicia aT Ferret Wise

At 02:08 PM 4/12/01 +0000, you wrote:
>Mineral oil is basically worthless when it comes to helping to move
>an obstruction along. It's absorbed and does not coat the object
>like Laxatone or Vaseline. I don't know anything about horses or the
>purpose of mineral oil use in them.
>As for the Diazoxide... I won't bore you with the mathematics, unless
>you really want to see how I arrived at this, but if you're actually
>giving 2.27mg BID (which seems unusual as that is a very tiny (and
>odd) amount) and assuming you're using standard Proglycem at 50mg/ml
>and at $25 per month, you're paying $8.33 per ml. The rest of us,
>even with an average of $120 per 30ml bottle of Proglycem, pay $4.00
>per ml! Most give a lot more than 2.27mg (5-10 times more), hence
>the large monthly cost.
>I hope you misplaced a decimal point in your post and you're not
>really paying $8.33 per ml for Diazoxide. Pred, by the way, costs me
>about 35 cents per ml.
>--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Kim" <dagger4u@h...> wrote:
> > I posted earlier about using mineral oil for partial obstructions.
> > am curious if this is ok to use. We use it in horses and it works
> > great. (obviously if nothing happens within 24 hours, a trip to
> > vet is in order) however, if my ferret ate something (a food) and
> > stuck a bit, won't mineral oil help as well as laxatone? (this is
> > future use, my ferrets are fine. I am just trying to be prepared
> > the worst)
> >
> > I am wondering about this whole Diazoxide issue. I have an
> > insulionmic ferret. She was on Pred and it helped alittle, but I
> > to constantly feed her every time I gave her that med and her
> > could only get to 65. I changed to Diazoxide and not only did she
> > improve, it is cheaper than Pred. YES, that's right, cheaper. I
> > a great pharmacist. She is on 2.27 mg BID (twice daily) and he
> > me a 2 month supply for $51.00. He knows she will be on this for a
> > long time. I guess I am wondering why i keep hearing how expensive
> > this medication is. To me, $25 a month isn't bad at all!! Now, I
> > in Olympia WA (outside Seattle) and I just wanted to let people
>know I
> > am paying that much for it and maybe people can ask their
> > why it's so expensive for them, when I can get it for cheap
> > than Pred at that!) Mostly I just want people to be able to have
> > information. I hope someone finds it helpful.
> >
> > Kim and her furry band of 9
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