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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-04-13 13:18:00 UTC
Subject: Florida water precautions may be needed soon

If you are in Florida and on a private well, please, monitor your
water carefully before exposing ferrets or yourselves to it once this
goes through. I know that there are always those who do not follow
any news at all, and wanted to alert such people who happen to be in
Florida to follow your state's news on water standards carefully for
optimal health, and to be extra careful if you are on well water. It
sounds like this is a new approach which brooks some caution by those
of you who are serving as the experimental group till more is known
on whether it can be safely enough done. Utilize precautions; you
know what it's like. Around here (North-central N.J.) after major
storms we always have to boil water so I figure that most people know
the drill already, but some might just need this "heads-up", esp. for
compromised animals.