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Date: 2001-04-13 16:32:00 UTC
Subject: MVP in Ferrets

I would like to ask Dr. Williams and anyone else if they have had any
experience with mytrovalve prolapse
in ferrets? We have a 5 year old albino male that, upon examination in
November, presented with possible
signs of cardiomyopathy. We have had ultrasound done and instead the
diagnosis is for MVP which as my vet stated is certainly a better
diagnosis. BTW..we found the heart condition when we were
getting him ready for adrenal surgery.
Because we do not feel he is now a candidate for surgery due to the
problem, we are treating with LUPRON
(4mo form)for the adrenal and are treating the heart by use of enecard
daily, lasix and CQ-10. He
seems to be doing very well although
he does not play as much with the other 5 now and does sleep quite a
I have searched different sites and looked
thru my FOX book but can find nothing
specifically re: MVP. We are certainly
glad that the diagnosis was not for
cardiomyopathy but am wondering what
the long term prognosis/treatment would
be for this. Is there anything else we
should be doing at this point?
Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Hope all have a wonderful Easter.
For the fuzzies
Joyce Snyder