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Date: 2001-04-14 00:44:00 UTC
Subject: Undiagnosed problem in Tigger

Hi All ~

One of our four year olds, Tigger, started about two months ago to
lose weight and have diarrhea. He had black, tarry stool that
sometimes looked like motor oil poured from a can. He would not eat
or drink. We had x-rays done along with blood work and an
ultrasound. Approximately $800 later, we still do not have a
diagnosis. The ultrasound showed a small nodule in the pancreas but
nothing was definitive. His blood work showed high protein levels;
blood glucose was (after fasting) 70 once and 114 another time. He
was on antibiotics for a number of weeks. No pred, though. The vet
thought, maybe, ADV or the beginnings of insulinoma taking a wait and
see approach.

We have been feeding Tigger a type of "duck soup" made of mushed
kitten chow (his usual food), boost, brewer's yeast, ferratone and
egg. He was up to 8-9 syringes two-four times/day, but would only
take it when we hand feed with a syringe. We can't even put it in a
bowl for him to go to at will ~ he is now spoiled and insists on
being hand-feed. He absolutely refuses to eat any of his regular
food. Furthermore, he follows us around the room like our shadow.

Consequently, Tigger has regained weight and isn't lethargic any
longer; however, within the last two days, he has again begun to
refuse to eat. He does even want the duck soup. If he gets anything
besides the boost liquid in his mouth, he stops eating and tries to
jump from our arms. When we put him down, he dashes off into a
corner, claws the floor and tries to burrow. It's as if anything
with substance (like a piece of his regular food even if it is
mushy), hurts him.

We are frantic because we are so afraid he will go downhill again.
Does this sound like he could have an ulcer? EE? Also, how do we
get him back on his regular food? We tried the Gerber's chicken baby
food, but he doesn't want that either.

What tests should we have done? Any meds? Pred? Carafate or is
Pepto good?

Please, any help/advise/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ~


I have tried 1/4 tablet of pepto approx. a half hour before feeding,
and it seemed to help. But, I only tried once.