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Date: 2001-04-14 05:10:00 UTC
Subject: Hyperestrogenemia

Hi! I have a theoretical question about hyperestrogenemia (is that
spelled correctly?).

I'm from Sweden and I've read a few articles about this. They were in
Swedish and a few years old. From what I gather (not counting adrenal
gland problems), one reason spayed females show signs of being in
estrus can be due to remaining ovarian tissue.

I have not read anything about this in English and I wondered what
the opinion today is about this? If some ovarian tissue is left in
the ferret, will a small piece produce estrogen by itself? Will it
grow and *then* produce estrogen? If so, why would it grow? Is the
hypothalamus stimulating the tissue or is there another reason?

Could anyone give an answer that's not overly technical I'd be
delighted! Thanks!!

/Millan and three furry bundles of joy