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Date: 2001-04-14 18:23:00 UTC
Subject: HUGE lumps: anything but lymphoma?

howdy vets: new critter in today. HUGE golf ball sized lump under
the left arm - owner says it's been there two months. there's also a
huge lump that is both on the side of the neck and around to the
underside of the throat. owner had him in to a local vet i'm not at
all confident in who took an xray and bloodwork: she proclaimed it
was DEFINATELY NOT lymphoma and put him on .75 BID "SMZ TMP" Liquid
(1/2 oz), which is a light pink liquid that "is not to be
refridgerated" and appears milky with a thin, more water layer that
seperates to the top before shaking. what is this stuff? anyway,
could this be anything BUT lymphoma? in each large lump there are
two smaller, lymph node kidney-bean feeling lumps. and did i mention
critter can hardly breathe? he's beyond wheezing and panting and
onto labored breathing. he appears/sounds just like another ferret i
met at another shelter who DEFINATELY had lymphoma (same exact rattle
in the breathing). he's motoring around (he's 3 at most) but i think
part of it is discomfort. he hasn't slept well this afternoon since
he spends so much time adjusting. no quality vet care available
until monday morning in this town; meanwhile, i've started pedia-
pred. as for this pink stuff...i don't trust this vet that he saw
one bit, so i'm almost hesitant to continue giving it to him. after
all, she told the owner she could not feel any lumps on this ferret. can see them when he's across the room!!
fortunately this will be my first confirmed experience with lymphoma
if in fact that's what his trouble is...any advice to help him be
more comfortable for another 40 hours or so? thx!