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From: Tansy
Date: 2001-04-15 02:53:00 UTC
Subject: Hormone and gut questions

Okay, I have a question for all the vets out there, especially anyone
specializing in endocrinology. Is there an equivalent to Human Growth
Hormone in ferrets? Is it very different? For instance, I know that other
hormones, e.g. insulin, adrenaline, estrogen are all basically the same
across species.

There is a practical reason behind this question.<g> I am on quite a few
health lists for some personal health problems, and came across some
anecdotes of intractable diarrhea in AIDS patients being halted through the
use of HG, where the digestive tract was even able to repair itself, and it
got me thinking that it might be of some use in some ferrets with similar
conditions. Just late night musings!

In a related matter, a new article in the American Journal of
Gastroenterology 2001;96:773-775 reports that about a third of patients with
ulcerative colitis not responding to steroid therapy were found to have
Cytomegalovirus, and had good results being treated with antiviral
medications. I was wondering if Dr Williams or anyone else had ever
considered this as another possible culprit in some of these ferret
digestive problems?