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Date: 2001-04-15 08:01:00 UTC
Subject: RE: MVP in ferrets

Dear Dr. Williams:
Thank you so much for your reply and
the advice on adding the additional medication for Bear's heart
We recently started seeing additional
signs of something more happening
over the last several days which is
of great concern. Several weeks ago
Bear started having a problem eating
his dry kibble...he would paw at his
mouth and favor his mouth while trying
to eat/drink. I started him on soup over
the weekend until I could get him to the
vet. We thought that he might have
scratched or injured the inside of his
mouth or perhaps injured a tooth. Our
vet was able to get several views of the
inside of his mouth and we could see a small slightly red area on the
pallet. Bear
was put on clavamox and we continued
the soup which he ate readily. This continued for just over 2 weeks with
showing no sign of eating his dry crunchies. Three days ago he started
eating some of the dry food on his own
again so we thought things were improving. Then yesterday he reverted
back to the pawing at his mouth and gagging and now will only take small
amounts of soup. Yesterday he was very very restless but also very
lethargic. He would take few steps and then do the flat ferret. This
morning he is still not wanting to eat much/or play either. I am
beginning to think that along with the heart/adrenal problem that other
things may be going on as well...He BG was checked two months ago and
was good. Could his heart condition account for his eating problem?
I am going to get Bear back to the vets
and have BG checked again. If that checks out ok then the only other
thing I can think of doing is to have vet do endoscopy<sp?> to get a
better look and
see if there is anything causing his eating problem of dry kibble.I am
sorry for the long post but at this point feel at a loss as to what to
do for our little guy. Again. thank you for your advice. This is a great
group and we all greatly appreciate your
time !!
For the ferrets