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Date: 2001-04-15 13:12:00 UTC
Subject: Swollen Vulva

My ferret Sheba's vulva has been swollen for about 2 weeks and getting
bigger. She has had both adrenal glands removed ( though I don't know
if they were able to get the right one completely), the latest one being
in december of 2000. Her appetite has been up and down since the
surgery, and right now I feed her hill's a/d. She is able to go to the
bathroom alright, but I still worry that I need to do something for her.
Mike (on this mailing list) answered me as to what it might be, but what
can I do for her to get the vulva to go back to normal? I talked to my
vet who has treated her all her life, but she seemed not to be able to
have a solution. Any help would be appreciated. No replacement hormone
was ever told to me as a treatment.