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From: Michael Janke
Date: 2001-02-26 11:06:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Adrenal question & pain relievers

I don't know that anyone can truly say what ferrets feel like after major
surgery without being able to ask them. Ferrets are pretty stoic critters
and hide their discomfort pretty well. It's probably a "survival of the
fittest" thing. In the wild, any signs of weakness would make them a target
of predators.

There are a number of analgesics that can be given for pain. To the best of
my knowledge, valium is not an analgesic, though I have given it to ferrets
for other reasons. A couple of analgesics that could be used in ferrets are
Butorphanol, Buprenorphine, Morphine and Nalbuphine. I don't recall where I
got these, but I wouldn't have them listed in my notes if they weren't from
a reliable source.

If a ferret truly has both glands 100% removed, and there is no ectopic
adrenal tissue, the ferret will probably require replacement hormone
therapy. Some of the drugs that may be used are Florinef or DOCP
(desoxycorticosterone pivalate), brand name Percorten I believe, and

I'll leave dosage recommendations to your vet.


> I would like to ask Dr. Williams and anyone else who may
> know--What exactly do ferrets feel like or endure possibly after
> having both adrenal glands removed? What meds should they be on
> after both are taken completely?
> I also would like to know what pain relief meds can be given
> after surgery and the dosages. Can Valium be given and in what dosage?
> thanks,