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From: Bruce Williams, DVM
Date: 2001-04-15 23:46:00 UTC
Subject: Re: New article on Lupron

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> The article also stated that it was JUST ONE DOSE
> of Lupron depot (monthly version), and it was not
> given on a monthly or frequent basis after that one dose.
> Plasma hormones levels were measured before and 3 to 6
> weeks after that 1 dose. This study was just to verify that the
> adrenal hormones were lowered by Lupron depot.
> Some of the ferrets had improvement for up to 8 months
> after just ONE dose. I agree with Dr Williams that this product
> is for those nonsurgical cases, but when given on a frequent basis
> it also does a good job of controling the clinical signs for a long
> The article also states, "It is possible that repeated injections
> suppress clinical signs for prolonged periods..." which is what I
> seen in the past 3+ years of using Lupron on adrenal ferrets.

Agreed. Another interesting fact in this article which does not
appear in the abstract is that the author states that adrenal gland
tumors in ferrets have LH (luteinizing hormone) receptors in them,
which gives an insight as to why leuprolide may work in ferrets - in
short, it suppresses pituitary production of LH, which may be a
trigger for hyperplasia or tumorigenesis in the adrenal cortex of the

With kindest regards,

Bruce Williams, dVM