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Date: 2001-04-16 00:21:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Adrenal surgery vs Lupron therapy

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Kim" <dagger4u@h...> wrote:
> I have a ferret just diagnosed with adrenal. She has a swollen
> No other symptoms. We did the tenn panel on her and all her
> are elevated. She is 2 1/2. Very healthy. This vet stated he now
> wants to do an ultrasound (to look for enlarged glands), and then
> wants to start Lupron therapy. I always thought that if the ferret
> healthy, that surgery should be in order, not Lupron. I thought
> Lupron was something to use when surgery wasn't an option.
> Please help me understand this. I know this vet is very
> with ferrets, but I don't know how I feel about this.
> Plus, at the price of getting the monthly injections for the rest
> her life, she could have the surgery and be done with it. (he is
> planning on charging $74 bucks a month) I think that is way too
> When I stated I was part of a group that discussed ferrets and
> certain questions, he acted upset and kept saying "fine, you do
> whatever you want" I wasn't happy at all with this. Am I being
> weird about all this?? Or am I way out of line here....geez. I
> know. Don't get me wrong, if Lupron is the way to go, fine, I jsut
> thought surgery was better. Please advise.

well that's a fine attitude for a vet to have. experienced or not, i
would take that as a distinct hint to seek out a new vet. i've
mentioned and/or discussed most of the opinions i've received - from
owners and vets alike - with my vet and he has yet to be upset with
my continuing searches for information. he's done hundreds of
surgeries and autopsies, yet has no trouble freely admitting "i've
never seen this before" when he discovers a less typical situation
upon opening for surgery or autopsy. in fact, i'm about to send
tissues to dr. williams from an autopsy my vet has performed. i
don't doubt my vet's work or his opinion in the case...sending the
tissue off to dr. williams is, for me, an opportunity for me to gain
further understanding, as well as add the data to dr. williams broad
database and experience. of course both are good things! i guess my
vet is confident enough in his skills not to be threatned, since he's
a well educated and qualified caretaker who hopes that indeed dr.
williams finds out even more than he did. a good vet is a person who
is always eager and willing to learn.

around this area vets are already starting to offer lupron instead of
surgery. one clinic in fact is only offering lupron with no mention
of surgical remedy. are they suggesting lupron is a cure?
well...critters problem is adrenal disease...after this here shot the
hair will grow back...??? how many of you fellow shelter operators
have had critters turned in bald as eggs only to have the owners
say "gee, i thought she was just old and going bald!" mislead or
not, the owners do not leave the office with a good understanding of
adrenal disease, nor do they understand the difference between
surgical treatment for the cancer vs. lupron therapy for the
symptoms. i've spoken to 3 owners who visited this practice so far;
none of the critters are too old or infirm for surgery and in each
case i would certainly choose surgery. why mess with surgery when
you can fool the owner and make nice quick profit on a monthly shot?
i was afraid this would happen and at one clinic in particular, it
seems a pattern. it's frustrating...the only answer is groups like
this and web sites where owners can educate themselves, picking up
where their vets' knowledge leaves off. for pete's sake...with all
the range of animals kept as pets in this country what vet could
possibly be an expert in them all? what in the world could be wrong
with a second opinion? not a thing. and unless you were pointing
your finger and cursing bloody murder when you mentioned looking for
more information <snicker> you were being a good ferret owner,
nothing else. me thinks you'll get all the second opinion you need
here from owners and vets about lupron vs. surgery...then you'll only
need seek out a vet you're confident in for the surgery. after all,
it sounds like this guy really doesn't want to do 'em!