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From: Lynn Foster
Date: 2001-04-16 09:09:00 UTC
Subject: AIHA in Cats

I have been following the reports on AIHA and it brought back
the memories of my loss of a beloved cat, Maurice - the Space
Cowboy. Again my experience mirrored the quick onset and
impossible odds for survival.
Maurice was "off" in his behaviour on the Friday morning and
sluggish. I took him to the vet that afternoon, we took some
blood for testing and we gave him fluids sub q and l left him
overnight as I was going to work early the next morning and I
wanted him watched. If I had ever known what I was dealing
with I would have never left him. When I called early the
next morning the tech advised me he had passed on in the
night. I knew he was dead before I called because I had woken
in the night to see him walk into the room and I guess it was
his way of saying he had passed but his spirit had come to be
with me.
I know that sounds crazy and I cannot qualify this observation
scientifically but I know what I saw and felt and it was
That was some time ago and I have never had any experience
with this disease since but it was distressing to read
Dr.Williams account and I send my condolences.

dedfvbut casy 4e yronin the mmroi as hoiinThursday, I took
him to the vet that night and we elected for band the next day
hegthrusday oec, i