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Date: 2001-02-26 10:51:00 UTC
Subject: Change in behavior


Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I don't know
where else I can.

I have a jill who has suddenly changed her behavior. Less than a week
ago, she has always been a very peppy and excitable ferret. Always
there at the cage door ready and eager to go out. When you'd open her
cage, there was no way of stopping her-she was getting to play! She's
very full of herself and some might even say hyper. Well, now she has
suddenly changed her behavior. She is now sleeping a lot more and
hardly reacts to the cage being opened. She's still eating good,
keeping weight on, good stools and appears exstremely healthy.

I want to take her to the vet...but my problem is, I really don't
know what to tell the vet. I mean, I don't know what we would test or
look for since she is still very healthy. She is still pretty young
and I guess I could say she was maturing and mellowing-but so sudden?

I know this seems minor, but I really am worried about this change
and was wondering if there is anything that I can have the vet test
for that would make sure she's ok?

Thanks and Take Care,