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Date: 2001-04-16 06:01:00 UTC
Subject: RE: problems with 3 MF kits

This so much disturbs me. I have just lost my one and only baby girl,
Jubilee Spirit to juvenile lymphosarcoma. She was not yet one! She was a MF
baby too. I know what a sick and terrifying death that is for your ferret.
I do not blame MF, as I do not know the JL rate in their breeding though.
What has angered me, is my friend wrote Marhsalls while I was grieving
about this and recieved a terse and cold not back saying it was not a genetic
condition so there will be no compensation. I then wrote and not only
appealed to them, but I stressed that the main purpose of my letter is that I
wished for them to contact me about details as this ferret was so young, and
deaf.. and they should track that for their breeding purposes, and such. I
recieved a polite note, and it did not reply to the deafness at all..just the
JL, and said no they can not compensate me. She was DEAF by god and that is
genetic and up for compensation. That's fine... I shrugged it off. But what
I could not shrug off was the fact that they were totally disinterested in
getting this information so they can track what happens to their stock.
Last year a man named Mark Fetter was in charge of a large portion of MF
customer service, etc, and revamped a decrepid web site. He made it into a
vast interactive and educational site for all. Boy was it up to date
medically. He included breeders, shelters, vets, many from the FML... whom MF
liked to discount in the past. This was a great step. I was so happy. My
deaf site is still on there as a reference. Well Mark Fetter is "no longer
with them". It saddens me, he had a ferver for ferrets, and he helped many.
I know I'm rambling. If you find someone at MF that is interested in what
happened to you babies let me know so that I may contact them also about
Jubilee so they can track this. Supposedly you are to contact MF if your
ferret has something gentically wrong within a year (deafness, etc)... and
they should compensate you in some way via product, money, new ferret. But
their responses to their warranty has been erratic again I"m sorry to say.
Let us know about your other two. I hope people on here will have some
ideas for you.


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