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From: Bruce Williams, DVM
Date: 2001-04-16 20:51:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Need Help

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., phillip_tonya2000@y... wrote:
> Hi. My name is Tonya and my ferret is Tweeter. He is almost a
> old. This is my problem. I flew from WA to SC over the weekend.
> Tweeter has flew before but this time he didn't handle it well at
> all.
> His poops are bright green and I can't get him to drink any water.
> He
> will eat as long as I give it too him by hand. The vet couldn't
> me in today so I am taking him 1st thing in the morning but I am
> worried about my lil guy. He has never done this before. Could it
> be
> stress? My mom said that he might miss my husband, could that be

I wuld imagine that the stress of flying is probably more likely the
cause of the loose stools than missing your husband (no offense to
your husband).

You didn't mention whether he flew in the cabin or in cargo. Another
bit of information that would be helpful is whether he came in
contact with any other ferrets either before leaving or since
arriving in SC.

At this point, I would probably advise to get at least some SQ fluids
at the vets tomorrow, to offset his likely dehydration at this point.

You can also try to get soem fluids into him tonight. Water from
your hand may be accepted as well as hand fed food. Water from a
dropper or water from a syringe may also be used - any that you can
get in will be helpful. You may want to check out my site at for help on feeding the ill ferret - but
don't depend on it alone - go see your vet in the morning.

With kindest regards,

Bruce Williams, dVM