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Date: 2001-02-26 10:16:00 UTC
Subject: Rusty

Rusty is about 7 ish. He came to us from a friend who could not take
care of him. When he came he was very dehydrated, bald, and very over
weight. He also had a problem with an infected tooth. We got the
tooth under control, got his weight down and he even grew hair.That
was in Oct. This last week I have seen a big change in Rusty. He has
slowed down and really doesn't move around much. Oh yeah his other
mom said he has a bad heart. He has always felt very warm. Today
Rusty has stayed most of the day in the litter box. Only coming out
if I am at the door or someone else is using it. Even then he doesn't
go far and just flat ferrets. He feels cold but he doesn't want a
blanket. He seems to be going potty each time he gets into the box
but there isn't anything that I can see. Is there anything I should
do for him?
Keep him in your praayers
Lydia and the crew
Snickers, Casper, Bubba, Smokey, Trooper, Sassy, Murray
and the livingroom crew
Britney, Rusty, Woozel, Duncan, Angel, and Tubby
Missing Mr. Snowman. Isis, and Ossi