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From: Edward Lipinski
Date: 2001-04-16 22:34:00 UTC
Subject: Re Better to feed different kinds of food or just one?

Dear Sidsel,

Am very curious why you say that 'it's way too many kinds of

It has been my experience that the wider variety of foods you
feed your ferrets the healthier they will be.

Why? My reasoning is this: Limiting the ferret to one and
only one kind of commercial food may be a mistake, because the
ferret will 'fix' on this one food and will without a doubt
refuse to eat any other food you provide, in the event that
particuar food becomes unavailable and you must then rely on
something new to the ferret.

In addition, it's certainly possible that the one restricted
food may not provide your ferret with the complete nutrition
it requires, either because that substance is absent or your
paricular ferret is unable to assimilate the one or several
compounds in that food that is essential to a particular
ferret. Another ferret may do just fine.

If the ferret has access to other foods, he will likely be
able to assimilate those compounds that he couldn't assimilate
in the earlier food, so that he will make up for what's
missing in the original food or may be better able to
assimilate the slightly differently compounded foods in the
second food.

I would recommend that you feed your ferrets as many different
kinds of food you possibly can. You may be duplicating
certain food compounds by varied diets but whatever one food
lacks the other foods will likely make up for the deficit.

Again, please let us know why you feel it is best to reduce
the different kinds of ferret food or even to restrict the
ferret to only one kind of food.


Edward Lipinski @ FNW Foundation

On Sun, 15 Apr 2001 23:32:45 +0200 "Sidsel L. Espersen"
<> writes:
> For the time being I'm feeding:
> Eukanuba Kitten
> Eukanuba Cat
> Ferrets Choice
> Hill's Science Diet
> I know it's way too many kinds a food, and that's why I'm
trying to
> cut down
> to only feed Eukanuba Kitten and perhaps ZuPreem.
> Now the problem is that my guys all have seedy poops, they
> otherwise
> healthy and lively.
> The poop looks kinda gooey, but it is brown and kinda firm.
> I've thought about ECE but that's still not present in
> - Any help would be appreciated!
> - Sidsel
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