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From: tansy
Date: 2001-04-16 23:09:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Adrenal with no hair loss was Re: [Ferret-Health-list]
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This is a "me too" post. I have had at least 4 rescues exhibit this kind of
sexual aggression (generally by neutered males to neutered males) and every
one of them had an adrenal tumor, though sometimes small ones. In all case
removal of the tumors stopped the behavior.

Unfortunately, about a year after bilateral surgery Boscoe was again sucking
on Phil's ears. Phil is not amused, though I think it's pretty damn cute. So
a month ago I started Boscoe on Lupron, which is controlling the agression
again. This is one of the situations I do use Lupron, is if there is a
return of adrenal symptoms after a ferret has had bilateral surgery.

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> writes:
> << Tenaka is a 4 year old male altered ferret with no previous
> significant medical history. About a month ago or so, he started
> actively going after the two altered females in the house. I have
> separated him from the group. When reintroduced back in, the same
> behavior pattern occurs. He shows no other symptoms that would
> indicate adrenal disease. He has a hearty appetite, and no hair loss.
> >>
> I would still consider adrenal disease as the main differential
> here. I have
> seen many adrenal ferrets without hair loss, and if he were my own, I
> probably would go ahead and do exploratory surgery, expecting to find at
> least one adrenal mass. You could do bloodwork, but understand
> that it is
> not 100% accurate. Some adrenal masses are palpable by an
> experienced vet,
> so you might want to make a good physical exam the first step.
> About a year
> ago, I went in surgically on a ferret with no signs at all, except that I
> could feel an enlarged adrenal gland. It was about the size of
> an almond,
> and was a carcinoma.
> Dr. Ruth
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