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Date: 2001-04-16 19:26:00 UTC
Subject: ECE related questions

In Fudge's _Laboratory Medicine: Avian and Exotic Pets_, there is a section
on ferrets. In the section marked Rabbit and Ferret Liver and
Gastrointestinal Testing subsection Infectious Hepatitis and Enteritis of
Ferrets (p 302), it says "Infectious hepatitis and enteritis of ferrets is
perhaps the best name for the disease previously described as "green slime
disease" or "epizootic catarrhal enteritis."" ..... "No etiologic agent has
been identified, although a virus is suspected." If you read on to the
section entitled Ferret Microbiology and Virology subsection Epizootic
Catarrhal Enteritis (p 339), it says "Although viral particles resembling
coronavirus have been seen in necropsy samples from experimentally infected
animals and negatively stained preparations of feces, the causative agent has
not been isolated." The first section's infromation came from personal
contact with Dr. Rosenthall in 1998, the second came from Dr. Willaims from
the 8th Small Mammal Conference in 1997. This book was published in 2000, so
I am wondering why it does not definitively say that ECE is a coronavirus? I
thought it had been isolated?

On the subject of ECE, is it normal for a ferret to have icky poops 90% of
the time? The ferrets got it in August and were over it by late October. Of
the ten, eight are doing well (as long as I do not change food or offer
treats), but one ferret has bouts now and then of green slime (at least once
a week) and another has some sort of diarrhea on almost a daily basis. This
particular ferret came to me in August and has since had an adrenalectomy and
a nephrectomy; he has seemingly been abused and suffers from some nerve
damage apparently causing him to be incontinent. I don't know if this would
have anything to do with his icky poops, or if it is ECE related?

Kudos to Dr. Williams--saw your painting on JAVMA today!!