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From: Angela Crowley
Date: 2001-04-17 00:27:00 UTC
Subject: Weight concerns, please help...

Hello Everyone. I am hoping to get some advise from anyone who has any to
give me. I will listen to any suggestions that I can get. Here is my
story... I recently adopted two kits, both males, one born on February 10th
and one on February 17th. (Both 2001) They are still very young, 9-10
weeks or so. When I brought them home about one to two weeks ago, they both
seemed to be pretty close in size. Since then, one has put on a lot of
weight and has grown a lot as well. He looks very healthy and strong. Now
he is about twice the size of the other, if not, a little bigger than that.
My other one, the older of the two, does not seem to be gaining any weight.
He almost seems to be loosing weight. He seems very frail and bony. I
understand that many loose weight in the spring time, but he is still so
young and this just doesn't seem to apply here. I am getting very concerned
about this, he seems to be happy, still running, jumping, playing, etc.. He
has not become lethargic at all. His stool and all other activities seem to
be normal. He does eat his food, they will usually eat out of the same
bowl, even though there is more available to them. They have dry ferret
food, as well as bowls with some of it moistened. He definitely does not
eat as much as my larger one, nor does he drink as much. I have an
appointment with our vet on Monday, but will be calling her first thing in
the morning. Is all of this normal? Is there something I should do to put
some meat on his scrawny little body? Any help here would be greatly
appreciated. Please feel free to e-mail me personally as well at

Thank you
Angela, Phoenix, and Memphis
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