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From: Karen Kerns
Date: 2001-04-17 07:45:00 UTC
Subject: signs of adrenal? Worried mom, please help.

My name is Karen, I haven't posted much here yet, but I have
two ferrets, Isis, who is a year and a half and Plunkett who
is almost three months. Both are Marshall Farms ferrets.

Back in January, Isis had two little lumps in her lower
abdomin. I took her to my vet who biopsied them and told me
that they were just fatty deposits. I was very relieved. But
last night when I was holding her, I noticed that her rectum
was swollen and extended from her body, it looked like
Plunkett's had when we were treating him for a prolasped
rectum, but there was no discoloration. It was a normal
healthy pink color.. I looked closer and saw that her vulva
looked a bit swollen. She hasn't had any fur lose, she is
eating fine and none of the stool in the cage looks unusual.
I am taking her to the vet the day after tomorrow when I am
not going to be working, but I am very very worried about her.
Does this sound like adrenal? She seems young to have to
worry about it but I am worried.. Any advice or opionions?