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From: Vicki Rummel
Date: 2001-04-17 12:07:00 UTC
Subject: autopsy?

My beloved ferret,Smokey will be put to sleep tonight. Just since
Christmas, he has had a surg. for insulinoma/left adrenal and another
for apocrine adenocarcinoma in his anus. He had been eating duck soup
on his own for the past month, but 2 days ago, he stopped. When force
fed with a syringe, he vomits. He has a vacant stare. Last night, we
noticed that the anal tumor is back. It seems to be a staight forward
decision, but it's so hard. The vet asked today if we wanted an
autopsy done. What do you think? Dr.Williams, this seems to be
your "department". We will be bringing Smokey home to bury him in the
yard in our Rainbow Bridge area. I have 2 young sons and I think
bringing an autopsied Smokey home for burial would be traumatic. Is
there any real benefit to the autopsy at this point? The vet said she
would not charge us unless she sent something to a lab. Any
suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks