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From: Mary R. Shefferman
Date: 2001-04-17 16:51:00 UTC
Subject: Knuks update - ascites/ big belly

Knuks has been at the vet since yesterday. Our vet had pulled some
blood-tinged fluid from her abdomen while we were there and an x-ray
showed ascites. Later on he took out about 200-250 ccs serosanguinous
fluid. Bloodwork showed anemia (hct 27; rbc 4.36), low protein, low
calcium, but liver and kidney values were fine. Her temp is low
(she's in the incubator there). She's on steroids (I'm assuming
pred), antibiotics (don't know which), and fluids. She's eating OK
for being at the vet's (he was going to get her some Gerber's chicken
baby food, since she was happy to take that at home). He doesn't plan
on doing surgery at this time, prefering to see what happens with the
meds. He feels that this could be the peritonitis (as a biopsy had
shown back at the end of Feb), so he's treating it as such (as far as
I know, steroids and antibiotics are what you do for peritonitis).

Do ferrets come out of this sort of thing? Our vet is very cautious,
saying she's not out of the woods, but he's obviously not giving up
on her. Still, he seems to want to keep us from being too hopeful.

If she makes it home, what kinds of things can we do to help her
(bland diet? low exertion?)? She is 6.5 y.o. and has been through two
bad vaccine reactions, which I think took a lot out of her. But she
is very willful. Any suggestions?


Mary & the Fuzzies