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From: Luckydog
Date: 2001-02-26 11:44:00 UTC
Subject: New To Group

Hi Everyone-

I am new to this list and wanted to introduce myself and my little family.
I am owned by three lovely ferrets. Patty is three, Stanley is three and
then there is my little old man Mr. Gib who is seven. Stanley is a big 5
pound ball of fur and mush, Patty is the spunky one. She keeps the boys in
line. Mr. Gib is a big kisser. He has had a lot of health problems in the
last year, but it hasn't affected his sweet disposition. He had a apocrine
cyst removed from his prepuce last summer along with a couple of mast cell
tumors. He has also developed a cataract in one eye-doesn't slow him down a
bit. He recently developed a blood filled mass on his belly next to his
thigh. The vet did blood tests and found no abnormalities and no sign of
cancer. It's hell getting old I guess. I look forward to getting to know
everyone on the list and learning more about keeping my guys healthy.


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